In my work I am celebrating our human need to make, through figurative and vessel forms. I come from a family of makers and grew up around industrial production but lost my connection with making over a twenty year period whilst working in the corporate sector.

By engaging with the history of the area where I live, I reconnected with my own half-forgotten craft skills, giving me a renewed sense of belonging and identity as a dynamic contemporary maker.

through factory residencies i learn how things are made and then create one-off special ‘collections’ to celebrate this response. I harness the power of production using hand skills, colour and form developing unique leather-like or chunky-knit surfaces to link to the industries i am investigating.

I utilise my own hand articulation skills to echo factory processes using sgraffito, stamping and bold rhythmic marks. I overlay and rub back slip to build up multiple layers bringing a sense of history to the surface and individually mix up coloured glazes informed by the materials I’m working with.

the ‘hand to hand’ collection’ was inspired by one of the last remaining working glove-factories in north devon.